LANScientific TrueX 660 Handheld Analyzer


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LANScientific TrueX 660 Handheld Analyzer

LANScientific TrueX 660 Handheld Analyzer for sale
Product advantage

The problem of environmental pollution has become increasingly prominent, and countries around the world have successively issued relevant policies and regulations to control the content of harmful elements in relevant commodities. Truex RoHS analyzer of LANScientific instrument can effectively control the harmful elements in Restricted Commodities, and meet the regulatory regulations and detection methods of restricted hazardous substances all over the world.

Product characteristics

1,the instrument is smaller, lighter weight, easy to carry.

2,high-speed processing chip, advanced algorithms and efficient software to make the instrument analysis faster.

3,industrial resistance touch screen, compared to the capacitive screen has a better backlight performance, in the field of light is still clearly visible, while the field of special environment to avoid the risk of glove removal.

4,the use of anti slip body of the fuselage design, very lightweight, easy to carry and transport, and integrated wave of the most cutting-edge research and innovation.

5,support the instrument battery hot plug, can be replaced in the working state of the battery, no need to shut down.

6,the user can be customized to create a professional report: including company logo, company address, detection results, spectral and other sample information (such as product description, origin, lot number, etc.).
Application range LANScientific TrueX Handheld Analyzer

1.Restricted toxic elements in consumer goods;

2.Composition analysis and brand identification of metal parts / fasteners;

3.Chlorine and bromine in polymer materials and plastic articles;

4.Cadmium, lead and mercury in packaging materials;

5.Cadmium, lead, bromine, mercury, chromium and other elements in electronic components, connectors, cables, etc;

6.Solder raw material status and the content of tin, lead, copper, silver, bismuth, cadmium and other elements in solder at different stages of use;

7.Whether there is an appropriate amount of lead in high reliability electronic components.


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