Einscan Pro HD Shinning 3D Laser Scanner

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Einscan Pro HD Shinning 3D Laser Scanner is a professional handheld Structured Light 3D scanner. Being an upgraded version of the EinScan Pro, this device boasts incredible high resolution scans, a large scan area, exceptional acquisition speed, and a handful of other useful features. It shows higher efficiency at capturing complex, dark, and casting metal surfaces due to optimizations to reliable algorithms and an improved projector than the previous generation of the Einscan Pro series.

Einscan Pro HD Shinning 3D Laser Scanner is a lightweight handheld scanner that can easily be taken anywhere thanks to its ergonomic design. This modular device offers four different scan modes, each optimized for various professional applications delivering fast industry-grade results.

This Einscan model is a highly upgradeable multi-functional machine that offers optional color and industrial add-ons to extend its range of applications even more.

The recommended object size range for this handheld scanner is between 30 and 300 cm. When using the Tripod and the Turntable Add-On Pack, you can scan fixed objects between 3 and 30 cm

Einscan Pro HD Shinning 3D Laser Scanner Key Features:
Handheld Structured Light 3D Scanner
Designed for all types and sizes of objects
Automated TurnTable = fast workflows of small parts
Full color available with the Color Pack
Extremely high-resolution – down to 0.2mm point distance .

Einscan Pro HD Shinning 3D Laser Scanner  modes specifics

ModeFixed Scan (with turntable)Fixed Scan (without turntable)Handheld HD ScanHandheld Rapid Scan 
Single scan accuracyup to 0.04 mmup to 0.04 mmup to 0.045 mmup to 0.1 mm
Scan speed< 0.5s< 0.5sup to 10 fps

up to 3,000,000 points/s

up to 30 fps

up to 1,500,000 points/s

Resolution (point distance)0.24 mm0.24 mm0.2–3 mm0.25–3 mm
Align modesTurntable coded targets, feature, markers, manualFeature, markers, manualMarkers, feature, hybrid (markers + feature)Markers, feature, hybrid (markers + feature)


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