FARO Laser Tracker ION


FARO Laser Tracker X V2 for sale, has been shop tested, ready to working condition, Tracked out to 160FT radius
Lightly used year 2008, FARO Laser Tracker X V2 sale includes all necessary cables and blue shipping cases.


FARO Laser Tracker ION for sale, very lightly used year 2010 FARO Laser Tracker Ion
Has been calibrated, no known issues in excellent functionality condition. Shows only minor signs of wear and tear (minor scuff marks and scratches).

FARO Laser TrackerION sale includes:
– Head with Absolute Distance Meter (ADM) and Precision Level Sensor
– FARO Laser Tracker ION Master Control Unit (MCU)
– MCU-to-tracker cable
– Remote air temperature sensor
– Cable cover
– Cross-wired ethernet cable
– Power cord (USA/Canada)
– Calibration Tripod with adaptor for a 1.5” SMR (SMR not included)
– Quick-release mandrel for standard 3.5” – 8 TPI ring
– Certificate of calibration
– Shipping case

FARO Laser TrackerION | World’s Most Accurate Large Volume Laser Tracker
The FARO Laser Tracker ION is an extremely accurate, portable coordinate measuring machine that enables you to build products, optimize processes, and deliver solutions by measuring more quickly, simply and precisely than previously possible. The ION is the most accurate laser tracker available based on the most common types of measurement applications. It also features a longer measurement range, lighter weight, and contains the fastest, most sophisticated distance measuring system: Agile Absolute Distance Meter (aADM)

0.049mm volumetric accuracy at 10m
110m diameter range
Agile ADM instant beam acquisition
As light as 17.7kg
High performance, real-time dynamic measurements

Common Applications:
Alignment: Real-time feedback of object positioning
Installation: Lay out / level machine foundation
Part Inspection: Digital record of actual vs nominal data
Tool Building: Set up and inspect tools with only one person
Reverse Engineering: Acquire high accuracy digital scan data

Agile ADM: Acquire targets even if they are moving; no need to switch between ADM and IFM systems

SelfComp: Automatically tunes Laser Tracker, parameters to ensure high accuracy

Versatile Mounting Options: Mounts vertically, horizontally or upside down, providing versatility in tight or congested areas

Instant-On Laser: No warm-up of the laser tube is required

Smart Warm-Up: Accelerates the stabilization time in order to minimize the initial temperature changes impact on measurements

Integrated Weather Station: Monitors and compensates for changes in temperature, air pressure and humidity

Integrated Precision Level: Establishes level to gravity within the measurement job


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