Leica Aibot SX RTK UAV Drone


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Leica Aibot SX RTK UAV Drone Package for sale

Leica Aibot SX RTK UAV Drone

The Leica Unmanned Aerial System Aircraft SX Package is suitable for professional surveying, geo mapping, and asset inspection. It features high precision GNSS RTK, a Sony 42.4 megapixel Alpha 7RII 35mm camera, Leica Infinity software & image processing.

Leica Aibot, the complete UAV solution for surveying, mapping and construction enables fast and flexible data collection. An easy workflow integrated into the Leica Geosystems ecosystem guides you through your project lifecycle, providing you quick access to critical information to perform your day-to-day work.

The Leica Aibot provides a complete UAV workflow solution that supports planning, capture, processing and analysis of millions of data points. Visualization of the data provides actionable and accurate information that depicts the reality and improves decision making.

UAV technology supplements existing survey equipment such as TPS, GPS and laser scanning to provide a complete view of the project site. Taking only minutes to map a site makes Leica Aibot a cost-effective solution while keeping staff at a safe distance and bringing the surveying tasks from the field to the office. Easy set-up and flight planning helps record data autonomously according to planned waypoints, generating precise orthophotos, point clouds and 3D models. The built-in Leica Geosystems GNSS technology geo-references data for most accurate surveying and mapping. Leica Aibot is fully integrated into the powerful Leica Infinity workflow, guiding you smoothly throughout the entire project life cycle.

3-day system training is available at additional cost.

FAA Part 107 certification, acquired through the FAA, is required to legally fly this drone for commercial purposes.


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