Leica TS16 5″ R500 Package Robotic Total Station


100% Authentic & International Factory warranty Guaranteed
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Leica TS16 5″ R500 Package Robotic Total Station for sale

Leica TS16 5″ R500 Package Robotic Total Station

TS16 P 5″ R500 Total Station with PowerSearch & AutoHeight
RH17 Bluetooth Radio Handle
GDF321 Tribrach w/o Optical Plummet
GEB221 Li-Ion Battery x2
GVP725 TS Robotic Container

CS20 LTE Field Controller
GEB331/GEB334 Li-Ion Battery x2
MSD1000 SD Memory Card 1GB
GHT63 Pole Clamp
GHT66 Holder Plate for CS20
GHT67 Hand Strap
GHT68 Utility Hook
GVP724 TS Robotic Container

GKL341 Multi Charger
GRZ4 360° Reflector
GLS12 Reflector Pole
GST20-9 Wooden Heavy Duty Tripod

Leica Captivate Measure & Stakeout TS/MS
Leica Captivate Measure & Stakeout CS20
Leica Captivate Worksite for CS20
(Ref Line / DTM Stake / Volume Calculation)

Finance Options Available
G2 Survey Extras Included:
LOC8 – Integrated Tracking System with 1 year tracking subscription
Worksite application suite included – adds Reference Line, Volumes & DTM Stake to CS20 controller
Active Assist – enables our support team to remote to CS20 controller for enhanced support capabilities
AutoHeight – instrument height laser added, allowing digital instrument height measurement
Pre-delivery inspection (PDI) carried out
1-year parts & labour warranty on all equipment, including accessories
1-year calibration certificate issued
1-year firmware upgrade contract activated
Lifetime technical support on purchased equipment
All new genuine Leica equipment


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