Fluke TI55FT-20 IR FlexCam Thermal Imager with IR-Fusion for sale

Fluke TI55FT-20 IR FlexCam

Fluke Ti55FT Flexcam Thermal Imager accessories includes:

Portable Infrared Camera with Lens Cap
Pelican Camera Carrying Case
LCD Cleaning Cloth
AC adapters
Auxiliary AC Power Supply
AC Patch Cord
Neck Strap
Video Cable
AC Power Supply
Battery Charger
2x Rechargeable Batteries
Compact Flash Memory Card (1 GB)
Multifunction Memory Card Reader with USB Adapter
Getting Started Guide
SmartView Software CD (includes SmartView Users Manual)
FlexCam Documentation CD (Users Manuals)

Additional accessories also including

10mm & 54mm lenses
2x Battery Chargers with cables
TiSBP Smart Battery Pack

Fluke IR-Fusion technology links a real-world visual image with a thermal image. It merges the two images into one, with the possibility to blend between the two images or create picture-in-picture combinations. Alarm limits can be superimposed over the visible light image to exactly pinpoint the components exceeding a specified temperature limit. Both the visual images and thermal images are available for use in reports. This speeds up documentation by reducing the need to look for individual images taken with a separate digital camera. The integrated laser pointer is also visible on the images, to aid in identification.

Professionals use Fluke Ti55FT infrared flexcam thermal imager to better identify and report suspect components and enable the repair to be done right the first time. After the inspection, users take advantage of the benefits of the powerful SmartView software that organizes, analyzes and enhances infrared images and generates customized, professional reports. The thermal imager features 320 x 240 detectors with industry leading thermal sensitivity (?0.05 °C;50 mK NETD), and a 60 Hz detector acquisition rate. The 5-inch color display and IR-Fusion® technology shows a high-resolution, ultra high quality, visible light image in addition to the infrared image. The Fluke Ti55 IR FlexCam Thermal Imager comes with a heavy-duty carrying case, two rechargeable battery packs, video cable, USB cable, etc.

Fluke TI55FT-20 IR FlexCam

Portable thermal imager with a VOx uncooled microbolometer sensor and a 320 x 240 FPA to capture high-resolution infrared images of thermal patterns, commonly used in industrial and commercial applications, including process monitoring and maintenance of utilities, electrical, and mechanical systems
Detects temperatures from -20 to 600 degrees C (-4 to 1112 degrees F) in three ranges, with an accuracy of or – 2 degrees C or 2%, and a thermal sensitivity of less than or equal to 0.05 degrees C (50mK) at 30 degrees C
Camera merges visual and thermal images to pinpoint problem areas and provide a recognizable image for ease of identification, and can display a full thermal, a full visual, or a picture-in-picture image for flexibility in viewing
Germanium lens articulates 180 degrees for capturing images in areas with poor accessibility
Certified to IP54 level of protection against dust and splashing liquid


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