Rotalign Ultra iS Laser Alignment PRUFTECHNIK

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Rotalign Ultra iS Laser Alignment PRUFTECHNIK With intelliSWEEP, you only get the best measurement results under any external and environmental conditions. Using a number of quality factors such as vibration and backlash, poor-quality measurement points are automatically filtered out.

Live Move enables one-step machine adjustments through the simultaneous monitoring of machine corrections in both vertical and horizontal directions with the sensor at any angular position on the shaft. Not only does this save a lot of time and effort but it is also extremely useful in case of restricted access to predetermined shaft positions.

The ROTALIGN Ultra iS modular system is easily configured with expert modules such as Vibration Acceptance Check, Live Trend for the monitoring of thermal growth, simultaneous multi-coupling measurement, RFID machine identification, and various geometric applications.

A class 1 Bluetooth module is integrated. PDF reports can be generated and directly saved from the system onto a USB stick. Our alignment software is used for preparing, analyzing, archiving measurement files and printing professional reports.

All-in-one: High-end system for shaft alignment and geometric measurements

Hundreds of positions measured, automatic evaluation of measurement quality and filtering of measurement points: intelliSWEEP.
Convenient alignment of uncoupled shafts: intelliPASS mode.
One-step machine corrections: simultaneous monitoring of machine corrections in vertical and horizontal directions at any sensor position (Live Move).
Handles any amount of misalignment (InfiniRange) including extra-large detector.
Integrated Bluetooth module: no extra accessories required.
Save measurement reports as PDF to a USB stick: no PC required.

Rotalign Ultra iS Laser Alignment PRUFTECHNIK At a glance:

Real time quality by intelliSWEEP
Always precise, accurate and repeatable
7-parameter sensor with High Definition PSD, XXL detector
Any amount of misalignment can be easily handled
Built-in vibration measurement
Measure machine vibration before, during and after alignment, no need for additional hardware
Environmental vibration monitoring
Accurate shaft alignment under vibrating condition
Precision built-in inclinometer through MEMS
Used for backlash detection
Communication to the sensor through the laser beam
sensALIGN™ laser information readily available
Integrated class 1 Bluetooth
Wireless communication without additional accessories
Rechargeable battery with latest LiPo technology and intelligent power management
Long runtime without memory effect
Monitor Positional Change

Live Trend is a monitoring function used to analyze thermal or process-related machine positional changes during run-up and coast down phases, at the same time recording machine vibration.

Vibration Acceptance Check

The vibration check following the alignment ensures that the machine can be operated without restrictions. No additional accessories are required with ROTALIGN Ultra iS.


stands for ‘intelligent System’ – is a modular platform for a wide range of applications. ROTALIGN® Ultra iS is a combination of ROTALIGN® Ultra and the intelligent sensALIGN™ sensor and laser

RFID machine identification

An RFID reader and tag uniquely identify the machine; basic data is read out and written back after the alignment job. Data can be accessed with NFCenabled smartphones.

Machine train and multiple coupling

Align up to 7 machines simlutaneously and measure the alignment of up to 14 machines. See results graphically and to scale for all machines in the train.

Bore alignment

ROTALIGN® Ultra iS can measure the offsets between a train of bores and provide optimized alignment solutions for any configuration. Fix one or more bores or align to a differential profile, lets you use presets and targets. Ideal for internal combustion engines, piston compressors, crosshead guides, pumps, stern tubes and extruder barrels. Align steam and gas turbine internals, bearing rings, diaphragms, inner shells and casings.

Geometric applications

Accurate measurement of straightness, surface flatness, levelness, parallelism and perpendicularity.

Precision alignment pays

Good shaft alignment increases the mean time between failures (MTBF) and reduces power consumption. This saves you money. Better alignment also means less vibration and higher product quality.

Precision alignment guarantees

Reduced energy consumption
Reduction in bearing, seal, shaft and coupling failures
Decreased bearing and coupling temperatures
Reduced vibration
Improved product quality

Rotalign Ultra iS Laser Alignment PRUFTECHNIK Specifications:

CPU Mavell XScale Processor running at 520 MHz
Memory 64 MB RAM, 64 MB Internal Flash, 1024 MB Compact Flash Memory
Display Type: Transmissive (sunlight-readable) backlit TFT color graphic display
Resolution: Full VGA, 640 x 480 pixels;
Dimensions: 145 mm/ 5.7 inch diagonal
Keyboard elements: navigation cursor cross with up, clear and menu keys; Alphanumeric keyboard with dimensions, measure and results hard keys
LED indicators 4 LEDs for laser status and alignment condition
2 LEDs for wireless communication and battery status
Power supply Operating time: 25 hours (using Li-Ion rechargeable battery) 12 hours (using disposable batteries) typical use (based upon an operating cycle of 25% measurement, 25% computation and 50% ‘sleep’ mode)
Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery: 7.2 V / 6.0 Ah
Disposable batteries: 6 x 1.5 V IEC LR14 (“C“) [optional]
External interface 2 x USB host for printer, keyboard or PC communication
1 x USB slave for printer, keyboard or PC communication
RS232 (serial) for receiver
I-Data socket for receiver
Integrated Bluetooth® wireless communication, Class 1, transmitting power 100mW
AC adapter/charger socket
Environmental protection IP 65 (dustproof and water spray resistant), shockproof
Relative humidity 10% to 90%
Temperature range Operation: 0°C to 45°C [32°F to 113°F]
Storage: -20°C to 60°C [-4°F to 140°F]
Dimensions Approx. 243 x 172 x 61 mm [9 9/16” x 6 3/4” x 2 3/8”]
Weight 1 kg (without battery)
CE conformity EC guidelines for electric devices (2004/108 EEC) are fulfilled


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