STONEX X150 3D Laser Scanner

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STONEX X150 3D Laser Scanner is a robust and easy-to-use scanner for quick surveys up to 150 m. The multi-line full dome Lidar technology allows computing 3D models for a wide range of applications. X150 comes with it’s own processing software and is also compatible with Stonex Cube-scan and Stonex Reconstructor software. A perfect tool for fast topographic grade surveys and indoor floor maps.

STONEX X150 3D Laser Scanner MAIN FEATURES :

Compact 3D scanning station
Robust and light – 4 kg with battery installed
Automatic riding in the range of +/- 5 degrees
The simple and intuitive operating interface ensures optimal efficiency in field use
18 Mpx HDR panoramic camera
Fully encapsulated 3D scanner mirror – the sealed housing ensures efficiency in any environmental conditions
Class I 3D laser beam: harmless to the eyes, even with long-term exposure
Advanced wireless capabilities: control the X150 3d laser scanner directly from your smartphone (app for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile)

3D Laser X150 Scanner: Performance
Range of action: 0.2 – 150 m
Field of view: 360° horizontal, 280° vertical
3D scan rate: up to 320,000 points/second
3D scanning speed at maximum resolution: 4 min for 360 degree scanning
3D scanning speed in “Fast scan” mode: 45 sec for 360 degree scanning
2-axis compensator with +/- 5 degrees working range
3D scanning accuracy: up to 1 cm
Remote control with Android controller .

Stonex 3D Reconstructor
Stonex Cube Scan


STONEX X150 3D Laser Scanner package includes:
X150 Scanner
Panoramic Camera
Charger adapter
Data Cable
Carbon Fiber Tripod
Flight Case trolley
X150 App




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