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Vulcan Smart Handheld LIBS Analyzer for sale

Hitachi’s Vulcan Smart is a top choice for finished parts material inspection, quality control and material verification. Vulcan Smart is incredibly fast, making large inventory checks a quick and easy process. The bottom line is Vulcan Smart will help you avoid material mix-ups that could have significant consequences for components used in refineries, power plants and manufacturing.


Vulcan Smart features a high-powered laser that vaporizes the metal being analyzed to close to 10,000 degrees Celsius, producing a plasma. The burn mark is so small on the surface of the metal that it looks like a minuscule scratch and is barely visible. When completing an analysis, typically less than one billionth of a gram of material is used. Since Vulcan Smart uses such a small amount of material in its analysis, you can even check finished metal goods for quality assurance and quality control purposes.


Vulcan Smart was designed with comfort in mind. It is both ergonomic and balanced for easy gripping. Globally, it is the lightest Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) tool, so when used for prolonged periods it still feels comfortable and easy to operate.


Vulcan Smart is highly accurate and precise. You can rely on it to correctly identify the alloy you are working with, which makes it a top choice for inspection and quality control professionals.


For a cost effective solution to identity steel and nickel alloys, Vulcan Smart is a perfect fit. It’s designed for ferrous testing and is limited to stainless steels, tool steels, low alloy steels and nickel alloys only. It is possible to upgrade the unit to include cobalt, copper, lead, tin, titanium and zinc calibrations.


We have made data management for Vulcan Smart simple. You can securely transfer and store all of your results using the most advanced software available. Creating reports for your analysis and compiling data for quality control are also easily done. Vulcan uses OiConnect cloud service via Wi-Fi, smartphone or simply use a USB stick to transfer your results to a computer or laptop. Whatever your preference, data can be managed quickly, easily and safely, wherever you are.


Vulcan Smart is the fastest tool in the world for analyzing metal alloys. Faster than any XRF analyzer. It typically takes an XRF analyzer 5 to 15 seconds (or even longer) to identify and analyze aluminum alloys. It takes Vulcan Smart one second.

Even if your current XRF tool produces results in three seconds, switching to Vulcan Smart could enable you to process double the number of analyses a day. With a large inventory, that time can make all the difference.

There is no need to stop work due to battery power as the unit can operate all day on a single battery. Vulcan Smart’s display is easy to read and can be viewed in direct sunlight. Cleaning the tool is also an easy process.


Vulcan Smart provides great value and guarantees a real return on your investment. Making the switch from an XRF tool to Vulcan Smart makes financial sense since Vulcan Smart is more accurate, more precise and more consistent.

Its laser analyzer has been designed for high performance and guarantees very high accuracy and precision for its analysis results. As an example, when you use Vulcan Smart to analyze steel, it provides both the commercial grade of steel and its exact chemical composition. Ease of use has significantly reduced or even eliminated user errors, so analysis results will be both reliable and consistent.

Vulcan Smart analyzer
Vulcan Smart quick start guide
Full Vulcan user manual provided in 7 languages (English, Chinese (simplified), French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish (electronic, stored on the USB memory stick).
Grade libraries (calibration set software installed in unit): AISI, DIN, JIS (user selectable and editable)
Standard calibration set: stainless steels, tool steels, low alloy steels, Nickel alloys Calibration set can be extended to cover: Co, Cu, Pb, Sn, Ti, Zn Pure element identification for Ag, Au, Bi, Cd, Cr, Ge, Hf, In, Mn, Mo, Nb, Pd, Sb, Si, Ta, V, W, Y and Zr
Li-ion battery 7.2 V / 6.2 Ah, (2 batteries included)
Battery charger
Power supply with changeable power plugs (US/Japan, Europe, UK, Australia)
Carry case for transport and storage of the Vulcan Smart analyser
Lanyard and wrist strap
Cleaning kit – pack of 100 optical grade cotton buds to clean the measurement window
USB memory stick (contains electronic copies of the Vulcan series user manuals and quick guides)
Stainless steel 316 check sample with certificate
Calibration folder

Vulcan Smart Handheld LIBS Analyzer for sale


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