DEMO Leica iCR80 5″ R1000 Package


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DEMO Leica iCR80 5″ R1000 Robotic Total Station Package for sale

Leica iCR80 5″ R1000 Package

This instrument package has been used as demo model and service loaner. Our Leica factory-trained service technicians have completed a six point inspection process to ensure the equipment has been adjusted, calibrated and found to be within tolerances and manufacturer’s specifications allowed by Leica Geosystems. This certification process includes:

• Hz & Vertical Collimation
• Tilting Axis
• Electronic Leveling Compensator
• Hz line of sight
• Optical and/or Laser Plummet Adjustment
• EDM Calibration and Range Test

Total Station
Serial Number: 3216845
Condition: Excellent
Manufactured: 2019
Background: Demo Model
Calibration Certificate: Included

CC80 Tablet
Serial Number: 9JTCC41396
Condition: Excellent
Manufactured: 2018
Background: Demo Equipment

Package Includes:

• 866360 iCR80 5″ R1000 Robotic Total Station
• 823111 CCD6 Bluetooth Handle
• 777970 GDF323 Pro Tribrach w/o
Optical plummet
• (2) 733270 GEB221 Li-Ion Battery
• (1) 799185 GKL311 Basic Charger
• 756637 MPR122 360 Reflector Pro
• 767880 GHT63 Pole Adapter
• 833211 CMB10 Tablet Bracket
• 878812 CC80 Tablet w/ CSW201 iCON Build Software
• 833216 CBC5 AC/DC Adaptor
• 833222 CA33 Stylus for CC80
• 832122 GHT77 Tether for CC80
• (2) Carrying Case for Robot and Tablet


● Faster prism search by patented technology, PowerSearch
● Stable data communication with long-range Bluetooth® (up to 400m)
● Easy hand-over control from pole to machine and vice versa
● ATRplus technology, maximising the total station’s ability to remain locked on your target for highest point-to-point layout speed
● “Tune out targets” feature to ignore other distractions in the field
● Fastest re-lock in case of interrupted line of sight


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