Hitachi Vulcan Expert+ LIBS


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Hitachi Vulcan Expert+ LIBS

Hitachi Vulcan Expert Handheld LIBS analyzers for sale

Vulcan Expert Handheld LIBS analyzers
Vulcan is one of the fastest metals analyzers that is built to last. Just squeeze the trigger and one second later the result appears. As it uses Laser Induced Breakdown (LIBS) technology, you won’t need to worry about X-rays.
Whether your business is scrap sorting or PMI quality control Vulcan delivers accurate and consistent grade ID every time.
FeaturesSimple to use
Intuitive user interface combined with point-and shoot analysis reduces or even removes the chance of user-related errors

Advanced data management
Transfer and store all your results securely in our cloud service and use one of the most advanced reporting tools on the market.Vulcan also connects with your mobile to add photos to the results and to share data instantly.

Robust and durable
Splash water and dust proof, Vulcan’s measurement optics are protected by sapphire glass, one of the toughest materials available.

Long battery life
A single battery charge will last up to 8 hours when analysing one sample every 5 seconds. Two batteries are included in the delivery.

Handheld LIBS analysers for QA / QC

Find out how Vulcan LIBS analyser is used for Quality Assurance/Quality Control.
– Rapid verification of incoming material, controlling warehouse inventories and factory floor quality control
– Reliable grade ID in one second
– Extensive set of calibrations covers all common alloy types – heavy and light
– Measure even the smallest components conveniently in hand
– Real-time reporting and instant data sharing with our Android app and cloud service

Handheld LIBS analysers for scrap metals

Find out how Vulcan LIBS analyser can help you with metal recycling and scrap sorting.
– Accurate grade ID in just 1 second
– No hassle with licenses and time consuming training classes
– Built to withstand even the harshest environments
– The samples can be held in hand safely

Vulcan Expert Handheld LIBS analyzers

– Grade identification and full chemistry
– Stainless steels, low alloy steels, tool steels, Ni alloys
– Co, Cu, Pb, Sn, Ti, Zn alloys
– Al and Mg alloys
– Optional – Built-in camera
– Wi-Fi- Pre-burn to clean the sample surface
– IP54 (NEMA 3 equivalent) dust and splash water protected
– MIL-STD-810G compliant
– Full day operation with one battery*
– 1 Year Warranty (instrument)
– Grade library

VULKAN EXPERT Package Includes:

– Vulcan Expert analyser
– Vulcan Expert quick start guide
– Full Vulcan user manual provided in 7 languages (English, Chinese (simplified), French, German, Portuguese, Russian and – Spanish (electronic, stored on the USB memory stick).
– Grade libraries: AISI, DIN, GB, JIS (user selectable and editable)
– Calibration set (Al, Co, Cu, Pb, Mg, Ni, Sn, Ti, Zn, stainless steels, low alloy and tool steels) Pure element identification for Ag, Au, Bi, Cd, Cr, Ge, Hf, In, Mn, Mo, Nb, Pd, Sb, Si, Ta, V, W, Y and Zr
– Li-ion battery 7.2 V / 6.2 Ah, (2 Batteries Included)
– Battery charger
– Power supply with changeable power plugs (US/Japan, Europe, UK, Australia)
– Carry case for transport and storage of the Vulcan Expert analyser
– Lanyard and wrist strap
– Cleaning kit – pack of 100 optical grade cotton buds to clean the measurement window
– USB memory stick (contains electronic copies of the Vulcan series user manuals and quick guides)
– Aluminium 7075 check sample with certificate
– Calibration folder


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