Innov-X Omega XRF Analyzer Portable


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Innov-X Omega XRF Analyzer

Innov-X Omega Portable XRF Analyzer for sale
Included with the sale is the following:
1. Innov-X Omega XRF Analyzer
2. 2 Batteries
3. Charger
4. Owners Manual
5. Software
6. Standardization Clip
7. Stylus
8. Accessory Cables
9. Hard Case
10. 5 Tube Shields

Innov-X Omega XRF Analyzer Spectrometer fluorescence spectrometer is a handheld XRF analyser. With its ultra rugged design, diverse field analysis is possible in any conditions.
The XRF delivers fast and precise identification and analysis of elements from phosphorus to uranium (P to U).

Advantages of Field Portable XRF.

In the past, studies relied exclusively on expensive and time consuming analysis based on samples that hopefully characterised the site. The portable XRF has revolutionised environmental investigations by allowing you on-the-spot elemental analysis, in real time. Measure the composition of soils, debris,
run-off streams, dust wipes, coatings, corings, paints, plastic and wood instantly,saving you time and money. From phosphorus to lead,
from low ppm to 100% – in soils, solids, liquids, powders, cores, fragments, filters & films, slurries and more. One simple test can analyse up to 25 separate elements in seconds, including priority pollutants. Determine zonal and contamination patterns; track pollutant migration caused by extreme weather; perform real-time surveys to delineate and define metals present.

In-situ soil analysis for rapid, comprehensive site investigations:

Delineate metals present and contamination patterns
Measure high volume field tests to minimise laboratory analytical costs
Test soil directly through plastic corings or bagged samples
Establish contamination boundaries and depth profiles for remediation and disposal

Collection of samples to produce rock-solid analytical data at the site:

XRF is non-destructive – submit same sample for laboratory confirmation
Ensure validation requirements/targets are met on-site in real time
Prepared soil sample testing assures the maximum possible accuracy

Ultimate XRF Performance with
Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) Technology

The Innov-X Omega Xpress and Omega Xpress Vacuum
Alloy Analyzers utilize the latest in detector technology – an innovative, large area Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), commonly used and tested extensively in high end, laboratory based instrumentation. In comparison to a traditional

Si PiN Diode detector, the SDD provides:
10x improvement in signal to background ratio
Marked resolution improvement, from 195eV to 165eV
The capacity to handle 10x more counts

Key benefts to the user:
>3x improvement in reading speed.
Light element (Mg, Al, Si, P, S) analysis in air
3x better limits of detection for sensitive tramp elements

Innov-X Omega XRF Analyzer


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