EXPLORER 5000 Skyray Instruments Alloy Analyzer


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EXPLORER 5000 Skyray Instruments Alloy Analyzer
Based on ten-year research and development experience in Handheld X-Ray
Fluorescense, Skyray Instruments 5th generation EXPLORER handheld XRF
adopts photoelectron, microelectronics and semiconductor technology to deliver
results in less then 2 seconds. EXPLORER 5000 handheld alloy analyzer is the
first to use large high-resolution LCD and the new digital signal processor.The
minimum detection limits make its performance equal to Desktop XRF. Small
and lightweight , EXPLORER can analyze any sample large or small, on the
factory floor or in the field.

EXPLORER 5000 Skyray Instruments Alloy Analyzer can make accurate and nondestructive detection on a variety
of precious metal alloys, low alloy steel, stainless steel, tool steel, chrome /
molybdenum steel, nickel alloys, cobalt alloys, nickel / cobalt-resistant alloys,
titanium, copper alloy, bronze, zinc alloy, tungsten alloy, etc. You can identify
material composition and alloy grade in two seconds. Rapid detection on
aluminum and magnesium alloy grades allows to make reliable identification
and confirmation of the material (PMI) for quick and reliable Quality Control.

EXPLORER 5000 Skyray Instruments Alloy Analyzer


Analytical MethodEnergy dispersive X ray fluorescence analytical method
Elements Measuring rangeAutomic number from 12 to 92[elements from magnesium(Mg) to uranium(U)] can be measured
Simultaneous detector elementsSimultaneous analysis 40 elements
Microcomputer systemCustomized system:
System memory: 1G
Extended stored maximum support: 32G
Standard: 4G for mass storage data
The content rangeppm ~ 99.99%
The detection time1 ~ 60 seconds (a second report results)
A built-in systemGPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Power supplyRechargeable lithium battery, Standard is 9000mAh, sustainable work up to 12 hours, optional is 27000mAh superbattery with wide voltage 110V – 220V universal adapter for recharging power supply
Detection ObjectiveSolid, Liquid, Powder
DetectorSDD detector or Fast-SDD detector(optional)
Detector resolutionMinimum can reach 128eV
The excitation source50KV/200uA-silver target end window integrature X ray tube and high voltage power supply
Collimator and filterCollimator diameters are 4.00mm and 2.0mm, 6 kinds of filters with automatic switching functions
Video system500W pixel high resolution camera
Display SystemBrand new 5 inch transflective LCD touch screen, the resolution is 1080 x 720
Detection limitThe minimum detection limits at 1 ~ 500 ppm
SafetyMultiple safety protection:
No tests
No radiation
Radiation levels at work are far below the international safety standards, and has no sample telemetry
Automatic shut X light tube function.
Standard radiation shields
Thickened wall alloy test instrument
SpecialtyOre special edition analysis software, using intelligent one key test
Convenience of applicationKey intelligent matching the best curve that no need to select curve
Data transmissionDigital multi-channel technology
SPI data transmission
Quick analysis
The high count rate
Waterproof mini USB and can be connected with a desktop computer
Operating ambient humidity<90%
Operating environmental temperature-20°C to +50°C
Instrument dimension244mm(Length)X 90mm (Width)X 330mm (Height)
Instrument weight1.7 KG
Intelligent warning signals indicator systemGreen light means power on
Red flashing meanse Testing
Yellow flashing meanse the Problems
AccessoriesThree-military protection box is compression
Waterproof and shock absorption
Universal charger and car charger
4G SD memory card and card reader
Two lithium battery and charger
PDA accessories
Radiation shield
Optional accessories:
The large battery
Seat type test support
Bluetooth printer
Manual pressure machine and other options can to choosen….


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