GeoMax Zoom 95 Robotic Total Station For Sale

Original price was: $19.500.Current price is: $11.400.

GeoMax Zoom 95 Robotic Total Stationhis one-person total station substantially minimises the time of any survey task and maximises your performance and accuracy. Combined with the X-PAD field software, the user-friendly and flexible solution makes it easy to start digitising your construction site.

GeoMax Zoom 95 Robotic Total Station Dramatically minimise the time of any survey task and boost your performance and accuracy to the maximum.

GeoMax Zoom 95 Robotic Total Station is the ultimate one-man system with more automation performance, extended reflectorless measurement capability, STReAM360, accXess technologies and Windows CE open connectivity.

Because a perfect solution is more than its single components, the Zoom95 seamless integration makes it the ultimate solution.

Fully Automatic

Long range Bluetooth®
X-MOTION hybrid™ drives
Ultimate one-man system

Open Windows CE

Field software flexibility
Complete Windows CE functionality
Full VGA capability
Outstanding Performance

STReAm360: Scout-TRack-AiM
Choice of 500 or 1000 m reflectorless
Precise capture

GeoMax Zoom 95 Robotic Total Station Package contents:

1x Zoom95 Robotic Total Station (Range and accuracy is dependant on the option chosen from the variant availble from the above drop down menu)
1x ZMS108 USB Memory Stick 8GB
1x ZBA400, Li-Ion Battery 4.4Ah
1x ZCH201 Charger for ZBA201 & ZBA400 Li-Ion batteries
1x ZTR101 Standard Tribrach without optical plummet, black
1x ZRT82, Long-Range Bluetooth Handle for GeoMax Zoom70/75/90/95 total station
1x ZRP1, 360° prism with ruggedized rubber caps
1x ZPC201 Telescopic Carbon Fibre and aluminium pole with stub for TPS, extends to 2.3 m
1x ZDC301 USB cable Mini-USB to USB Host (Zipp10/Zipp20/Zoom40/Zoom90/Zoom95 to a PC/Tablet) .


STReAM 360 Technology
Comapitable with FieldGenius and XPAD
1″, 3″ and 5″ Options Available
30x Optical Telescope
Up to 3500 m Range with Standard Prism
Full Alphanumeric keyboard and Colour LED Display
Runs Windows CE


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