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Topcon GT-1200/600 Robotic total station for sale

Built for job site mobility, the flagship GT Series ultrasonic robotic total station enables accurate and productive workflows for highly demanding survey and construction applications. Precisely lay out or survey more points in less time and improve quality and consistency. Easy-to-use digital processes with repeatably accurate results mean less rework and better quality control. GT is one professional tool that does it all for layout, survey, and machine guidance.

Precise positioning with single-person operation
High-speed advanced ultrasonic motors
Easy-to-use with MAGNET or Pocket3D software
Seamless integration into BIM workflows
Available in GT-1200 and GT-600 models with multiple accuracy levels
Three-year instrument and five-year motor warranty
Ultra-rugged IP65 dust and water resistance

Topcon GT-1200/600 Excellent basic performance

Precise measurements can be done by a rough aim and a light touch on the “Trigger button” without focusing the lens or doing other operations.
Auto aiming provides consistent accuracy and speed regardless of the operator’s skill levels and other conditions.

Enhanced prism-tracking enables you to operate under virtually any Conditions, even when you lose the line-of-sight because of obstructions or strong sunlight.
Even if a prism lock is lost, you can easily turn GT, reacquire the prism with RC-5A and go back to work smoothly.

Hybrid Positioning Survey System (Upgradable)
Hybrid Switch from Robotic Total Station to GNSS receivers with single-button tap !
Survey Everywhere

If line of sight is not there, we use GNSS. If no open sky, we use the robotic total station.
Hybrid Search

Turns robotic total station toward the prism location based on GNSS position information.

LPS 3D-MC (Upgradable)
Spreading to precise construction execution, Robotic Total Station is able to control heavy machineries in 3D ! There is no need of open sky !

LPS Dozer, LPS Excavators, LPS Grader, LPS Compaction roller, LPS Paver

The world’s Smallest and Lightest

This Robotic Total Station is the world’s smallest and lightest. Moreover, it is the same weight as a manual total station. So that it is easier to carry and set up at your projects even in mountains.
Mobility performance is better than before at difficult terrain areas.

10Hz High rate data communication
Trigger key
Dustproof and Waterproof: IP65 design
Large display
Bright, Sharp Guide Light


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