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HandySCAN BLACK Elite for sale

This metrology-grade 3D scanner serves a wide number of industrial and professional applications such as quality control, reverse engineering, product design and more. It is a follow up to the industry-acclaimed HandySCAN 300 and 700. Entirely reengineered, the HandySCAN BLACK Elite meets the ISO 17025 standard.

3D scanning technology
HandySCAN BLACK 3D scanners use blue light laser technology for enhanced accuracy. The Elite version works with 11 laser crosses generated by 2 laser sources. An additional single laser line mode is available for scanning intricate zones with low visibility.

The HandySCAN BLACK Elite also relies on photogrammetry technology to position itself in space, with the help of targets (stickers). These markers can be placed either on the part itself or its immediate surroundings.

All the hardware and material needed for the demonstration were brought by a Creaform reseller. This consisted of a rugged transportation case and a backpack containing a laptop and a few sample parts. The case firmly held the 3D scanner and its accessories in place.

The full package (laptop, 3D scanner, and accessories) weighs under 10 kg and can be easily transported by a single person, even for plane travel.

Minimum PC requirements

A high-performance PC is required to use both the VXElements software suite and the HandySCAN BLACK Elite. For an optimal experience, Creaform recommends a certified laptop from HP, the Zbook G5 Mobile Workstation. It is from HP’s most powerful product lineup and, priced at over $5,000, it is a real beast. This computer has the following specs:

Display: 17.3’’ LED FHD
CPU: Intel Core TM i7 8850H
Ram: 64 GB
Hard drive: 1 TB SSD
GPU: NVIDIA Quadro P5200
OS: Windows 10 Pro x64

During the whole demonstration and testing, the software ran very smoothly and we did not experience any crashes.


The HandySCAN BLACK Elite is light and ergonomic. At only 0.940 kg (2.1 lbs), the scanner is so lightweight that it could even be concerning at first– it could be mistaken for a “cheap” product. However, after a few uses, this weight optimization starts to demonstrate its purpose and benefits.

The 3D scanner is easy to manipulate and isn’t tiring to move around, even with complex (unusual) arm movements. It truly is light and portable.

Creaform’s HandySCAN BLACK Elite boasts a clean, robust finish. Everything exudes quality and rigor. For an industrial product, it even looks “beautiful”. This attention to detail is similar to the feeling that Apple products give off. Even the camera PCBs are optimized and designed with aesthetics in mind. It’s no wonder this scanner received a RedDot Design Award.


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