Bruker CTX XRF Analyzer


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Bruker CTX XRF Analyzer for sale

Bruker CTX XRF Analyzer

The CounterTop XRF (CTX) is a reliable analyzer which provides quick and accurate reporting of elemental analysis, with an ideal design for extended measurements. A highlight is the analyzer’s compact design, which features a dual safety interlocking system. This feature is what makes it most suitable for those with strict open beam portable XRF regulations.

The CTX analyzer is a great option when wanting to conduct bulk analysis and is the perfect addition to any laboratory or project. Utilising SharpBeam™ technology, which optimises the detector and tube geometry the CTX scans are accurate and precise. The CTX’s compact design is space saving and its light weight portability means that you can move it anywhere. Further to this, the rugged stainless steal housing makes it a dust and splash proof analyzer, ready for messier samples.
Main Features

Dual safety interlocking system for additional safety
Latest graphene window Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) technology
29-50 kV X-ray tube dependent on model
Detector shield – guaranteed detector protection
SharpBeam™ technology
Markings on stage for better positioning of your sample
Use with battery power or mains.
Lightweight design (7.1 kg with battery)

Detector Shield

The ultimate defence against punctured detectors, GUARANTEED!

The S1 TITAN offers unique features such as the TITAN detector shield™, which protects your detector even during analysis. The cost of a repair to a detector can be ~$7,000 – ~$10,000, plus potential down time during important projects. The TITAN detector shield can minimise risks associated with analysis and sharp objects.

Thanks to the many off the shelf calibrations available from Bruker and the opportunity for custom calibration, the CTX is fit for a wide variety of industries. A few examples for the capability of what this instrument can analyze include positive metal identification, precious metal identification, bulk geological elemental data collection (and loads more!). CTX enhanced calibration are also available.

It is also possible to custom calibrate your exact matrix, greatly improving the precision and accuracy of your results.

Backpack with wheels
Pelican shipping case
Prolene Windows



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