LANScientific TrueX 980S Handheld Analyzer


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LANScientific TrueX 980S Handheld Analyzer

LANScientific TrueX 980S Handheld Analyzer for sale
As one of the precision element analysis instruments, XRF has the advantages of fast detection speed, high precision, simple sample preparation, and non-destructive testing. These advantages make the analysis technology widely used in the fields of metallurgy, geology, archaeology, building materials, commodity inspection, environmental protection, and sanitation. LANScientific TrueX 980S universal analyzer, combined with nearly 50 patented technologies and years of XRF research and development experience, has designed a handheld spectrometer with multi-mode system configuration function, which can qualitatively analyze samples such as solids, powders, liquids and even gases. Quantitative analysis is an ideal tool in the links of product trade, processing, quality inspection, safety audit and recycling.

Application field

Metal material

For field, nondestructive, rapid and effective analysis and detection of alloy elements and alloy grade identification

Metal identification/scrap metal sorting

QA/QC management of metal production, processing and manufacturing casting

Medicine and biomedical science

Identification of anode materials for petroleum refining and petrochemical industries

Thermal power plant, hydroelectric power plant, nuclear power plant

Conduct effective component analysis and PMI identification of raw material elements to meet production requirements and ensure the material safety of process equipment

Precious metal

Quality inspection of supplied materials, process abrasive, recycled materials and finished products

Detection of components of bank precious metal/gold products recycling

Inspection of finished products in gold stores and inspection of components of recycling jewelry

An appraisal of the value of precious metals and jewelry in a pawn shop

Gold and silver precious metals testing laboratory and college teaching

soil heavy metal

The eight metals specified in THE RCRA (less than 10ppm) and the contaminant metals required for priority detection were measured

Analysis of Mg, Al, Si, P, S and other light elements that users need to know except common regulatory analytes.

Heavy metal elements in water (such as industrial and municipal wastewater), including lead, arsenic, cadmium, zinc and other as many as dozens of elements

Sudden environmental pollution accident judgment, regional pollution monitoring

RoHS consumer products

Restricted toxic elements in consumer goods;

Component analysis and grade identification of metal parts/fasteners;

Chlorine and bromine in polymer materials and plastics;

Cadmium, lead and mercury in packaging materials;

Cadmium, lead, bromine, mercury, chromium and other elements in electronic components, connectors and cables;

Solder – content of tin, lead, copper, silver, bismuth, cadmium and other elements in raw material state and different use stages;

Geology and mineral exploration

Rapid measurements of soil and outcrops to identify potential drilling targets

From common metals and gold to ore and platinum group elements

Ore samples such as soil, sediment, rock debris, bagged drilling cuttings and cut cores

A liquid substance containing a sample of high acid content


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