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Leica ScanStation 2 Geosystems for sale

This Leica ScanStation 2 has been used exclusively by one owner professional only and well taken care of before. Full calibration and compliance Leica. Basic software Includes Cyclone Scan, Cyclone Model, and Cyclone Register
Leica ScanStation 2 Sale includes :

Leica ScanStation 2
Transport Case
2x Batteries with cases
1x Charger
User Manual
AC Power Adapter for External Generator use
Includes transfer of license for Cyclone Scan Software.
Also included: Leica HDS Target set, 2 six inch diameter paddles and 6 three inch square targets.

Leica Geosystems (Switzerland) has announced Leica ScanStation 2, in which the maximum instantaneous scan speed is 50,000 points/second, more than 10-times that of its ScanStation predecessor (4,000 points/second).

Leica ScanStation 2 retains the four fundamental total station features that defined ScanStation as a new category of laser scanner:

– Full 360º x 270º field-of-view (FOV)

– Survey-grade dual-axis tilt compensation for traversing and re-sectioning

– Survey-grade accuracy for each measurement

– Excellent measuring distance (300m at 90% albedo)

In addition to field productivity gains for many applications, ScanStation 2’s bar-raising scan speed also lets users:

– Collect data in tighter time windows

– Reduce time spent in hazardous locations

– Provide project results even faster

– Collect even more complete as-built data

– “Squeeze in” additional service requests from clients

Leica ScanStation 2 also offers the ability to point the scanner’s visible green beam to a specific, pre-selected coordinate and dwell on the point. This allows visual location of points on surfaces, for example to locate drill or attachment points for fabrication. This capability is an industry first for any type of laser scanner and is a direct result of the 50,000 points/second firing rate of the scanner’s laser.

Leica ScanStation 2 also reduces the minimum point-to-point spacing that can be realized in any scan. The previous allowable minimum scan spacing was 1.2 mm; now users are free to space points less than 1 mm apart, for even higher-definition surveys of fine features such as architectural details or structural elements like bolt head geometry.

Lastly, ScanStation 2 also features a sleeker, lower profile housing design, 2.2 lbs (I kg) less weight, and a faster system boot-up, which further increases field productivity.

Leica Cyclone v5.8 is being announced simultaneously as companion software for operating ScanStation 2 and all other Leica Geosystems HDS scanners.


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