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Security Patrol Robot Artificial Intelligence for sale

The robot moves about regularly, allowing for effective video surveillance of the entire area from different positions for optimal observation. Unlike using multiple fixed cameras, using a mobile robot excludes blind spots that are otherwise inaccessible to surveillance.

As theft incidents grew more frequent, security systems’ applications are more popular than ever to prevent the damages caused by theft, whether inside business facilities.

The traditional security system protects the situation but still has some dead zone that cannot be monitored. Therefore, our Security Patrol Robot proposes an indoor autonomous mobile security monitoring system to improve traditional security.

The Robot moves around the business facilities, observing the surrounding environment and conditions, monitoring and preventing emergencies.
A mobile security robot can respond immediately with surveillance to record suspicious events on indoor businesses premises.

It can be rerouted automatically when linked stationary alarm sensors are triggered.
The main function:

1) Walkabout freely – Autonomous navigation avoiding obstacles

Follow the pre-set fixed-route navigation and walk about to patrol.
The system-based autonomous navigation algorithm is GPS-based, lidar, and depth camera, supplemented by various sensors.
The Robot can independently plan the optimal path, achieve centimeter-level precise positioning and navigation, and guarantee its arrival in
the shortest time and the shortest route.

2) Real-time Monitoring – Video streaming to surveillance central

Security is one of the applications that everyone needs to be controlled remotely.
Thinking on that, the Robot can monitor the environment in real-time and stream 360 video in real-time to the company’s surveillance central.

3) Integrated with Walkie Talkie: The security guard can speak through the microphone.
4) Automatic Charging: The Robot will return to charge by itself, without human control.
5) Slope climbing: The Robot can climb a 30-degree slope.
6) Stairs Climbing: The Robot can cross over a single step/stairs of 4in / 10cm.
7) Load: 220lb / 100kg.
8) High-Temperature resistance: Not affected by high temperature when used under the sun in summer.
9) Low-Temperature resistance: Does not affect use even under Snowy weather.
10) Waterproof: Outdoor use, not affected even if it rains.
11) Automatic Storage: Outdoor use, not affected even if it rains.
12) Night Use: If equipped with an infrared camera, it can patrol at night without being affected by the environment (optional).
13) Ground Use Environment: Flatland, grass, slope, simple stairs, snow, simple potholes, mud, carpet, simple beach, etc.
14) Safety” Strong-wind toppling-over prevention, kids-collision prevention, etc.

Security Patrol Robot Artificial


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