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Topcon GLS 2200 3D Laser Scanner for sale

Best fit for ICT construction,expanding various applications
Precise 3D point cloud data maintains accuracy

– Resection, occupation/backsight on-board program
– 360° prism, long-range target scan
– Surface accuracy 1mm (σ)
– HDR image capture creates clear point cloud data
– Remote control
– Japanese quality

A high-performance scanning solution that’s simple to use

Quickly tackle any job with the latest in scanning and workflow technology. The GLS-2200 features a unique survey style setup and user-friendly processing software that turn lengthy scanning processes into fast and easy workflows

– Unique scanning mode that can capture dense wet concrete data and larger areas
– Get cleaner data with 1mm Plane Fit accuracy through MAGNET Collage
– HDR imaging capability enhances 3D model rendering results
– Surveyor-style setup synchronizes the scanner with the same coordinate system as the design file, reducing post-processing time
– Unequaled 200m setup target range reduces number of setups
– API that allows 3rd party software to directly interface with the scanner for unique industry applications

Reference object to be measured:

Detail : Prominent objects, archaeological sites, historical building, etc.
High Speed : Accident investigations, disasters areas, short timeframe projects, etc.
Low Power : Heavy pedestrian areas, laser limitation areas, etc.
Standard : Large structure, large residential areas, volume measurements, etc.
Close : Hard-to-measure objects in close proximity with each other.*
Close (High Power) : Objects which cannot easily be measured, even with CLose mode.
Road : Existing asphalt or concrete road surface.
Road (High Power) : New asphalt road surface

Package Includes:

– Topcon GLS-2200
– Battery (BDC72) 4 pieces
– Battery Charger (CDC77) 2 pieces
– Charging Cable (EDC113) 2 pieces
– Carrying case
– Silica gel
– Cloth wipe
– SD card
– SD card case
– Tool kit
– Target sheet
– Centering target
– Instruction manual
– Warranty card

Warranty Information
3 Years


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