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Topcon GTL-1000 Scanning Robotic Total Station for sale

Versatile and powerful

The GTL-1000 is a single instrument to layout and scan on a single set up. It combines a fast laser scanner and total robotic station all in one efficient system.

Combined with ClearEdge3D Verity, the all new solution offers a new standard of evolutionary construction verification workflows.

Quick layout and scanning with a single instrument
Instantaneous point cloud registration
Full dome scan and images in seconds
Scan density tailored to minimize software processing time
Accurately match point clouds to BIM model coordinates

Topcon GTL-1000 is perfect for:

Construction Layout & Verification in:

Mechanical / Plumbing
Layout & Survey Structural Steel
Structural Concrete
Plant / Equipment Installation
Prefabricated / Modular

Topcon GTL-1000 Efficient workflow

In a conventional way, it was required to use total station and laser scanner separately at the same site. Once we tried to work with total station and laser scanner simultaneously, we required more workers. If we tried to work with them and the same man power, we needed more time to complete the work.
New workflow with GTL-1000. It can perform both total station point measurement and scanning. So your team can be as small as possible and it enables you to do the field work in a fastest way. Point clouds registration time can be minimized because the point clouds are referred to the coordinate points where GTL-1000 measured.
ClearEdge3D Verity for Navisworks

Verify construction quality in a fraction of the time by comparing as-built scans to BIM design and fabrication models.

Reduce risks to budgets and schedules
Clear indication of whether as-builts are within tolerance
Increase project profitability by avoiding rework
Fully integrated with Autodesk Navisworks
Quickly update coordination model to as-built conditions

Generation of scanned point cloud data based on the local coordinate system

While we are doing traverse survey with GTL-1000, we can use the same GTL-1000 for scanning. So we can register the point clouds data accurately even for the multiple rooms and floors building, or the objects with no particular features. GTL-1000 gives the solution for the accurate point cloud registration for you to work faster, more accurately and safely.


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