Topcon ScanMaster GLS-1500


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Topcon ScanMaster GLS-1500 for sale

Offers quick and hassle free setups, which reduce the amount of time between instrument setups and improve productivity. The GLS-1500’s design incorporates the use of on-board lithium ion batteries, so there is no need to carry around a bulky 12 volt battery. The aerodynamic design helps reduce the affect of wind.
Ultra-Low-Noise Data

The most crucial technological challenge in scanning technology is how to minimize the noise included in the captured data. Topcon Precise Scan Technology achieves dramatic noise reduction that makes it possible to present the finest texture of scanned objects.
Topcon Precise Scan Technology

Distance accuracy: 4mm@150m

Angle accuracy (H&V): 6 arc-seconds

Topcon Precise Scan Technology maximizes the accuracy and the data quality by minimizing noise and measurement deviation.
Increased Scanning Speed! 30,000 points per second

GLS-1500 incorporates newly developed laser diode that constantly emits laser beam at 30,000 times per second, 10 times faster than the previous model. Higher-density point clouds can be captured in a shorter time, increasing productivity and the quality of laser scanning.

Topcon GLS-1500 ScanMaster Various Scanning Mode

ScanMaster controls the GLS-1500 scanner unit via wireless LAN. Scan area can be easily specified on video or picture images on a computer screen.
All-in-One, stand-alone scanner unit provides easy operation and superior portability, similar to the total stations. GLS-1500L has palm-of-your-hand operations via compact tablet PC
Topcon GLS-1500 3D Laser Scanner for sale in full kit includes:

Rugged travel case
Batteries and chargers
USB cable
Backsight targets plus target holder
4GB Sandisk SD storage card
ScanMaster Software with USB key
12 months technical support Training (at our training centre)


Long-Range 500m
High-speed Scan with 30,000 points/second
Topcon Precise Scan Technology provides Clean,
Ultra-Low-Noise Scan Data
4mm Distance Accuracy at 150m
All-in-one Solution for Superior Mobility
Quick Sighting with Jog Dial Controls
Built-in Digital Camera
ScanMaster Software for Powerful Data Processing
Presents Photo-realistic Point Clouds
Remote Control via Wireless LAN


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