TrueX 900 Handheld XRF mineral analyzer

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TrueX 900 Handheld XRF mineral analyzer an provide fast and accurate results of element analysis in all stages of mining activities, including primary exploration and development, ore grade control, and even environmental investigation, with little or no sample preparation. Compared with traditional laboratory methods, Truex 900 ore analyzer can increase sample density and save time and effort.

TrueX 900 Handheld XRF mineral analyzer Features :

  1. Realize site fast, non-damage and exact analysis really, and show element content by ppm or percentage directly.
  2. Small volume, fast and high precision.
  3. The analysis samples can be solid and liquid objects like ores, rocks, slags, fragments, soil, slurry, etc.
  4. It can do intelligent tests for uneven or small samples, also very small samples can be measured and recognized.
  5. You just need to make it touch the object surface, then you can determine ore grade, element types, and content on site.
  6. It can keep high performance working even under direct big sunshine and high temperature, which benefits from the low power consumption and timely discharge of great heat in the design.
  7. Endure server working condition: sealed with wear and scratch resistant full metal shell, then it can work normally in the rainy and dusty mineral environment.
  8. Considering workers’ long usage of equipment, then the design insures safety as the most important thing, the key parts are sealed in full metal to achieve the global lowest radiation standard.
  9. Electromagnetic jams are shields, so they can work even close to mobile phones or dural wireless communication devices.
  10. The fastest analysis speed in the world, only 2s can identify the mineral elements.

Elements to be Analyzed and Test Modes

Analysis modeAnalysis elements
TrueX 900Standard configuration mode analysis range,K, Ca, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, W, Pb, Bi, Zr, Nb, Mo, Ag, Cd, Sn, Sb, Au, Rb, Se, Hg, As, Sr, Y and LE, total 29 elements. Special elements, can be added

Analysis of ore types

  1. Iron ore (hematite, titanium, iron, etc.)
  2. Copper (chalcopyrite, cuprite, malachite, etc.)
  3. Chromium(chromium spinel, chromite, chrombismite, etc.)
  4. Molybdenum (copper molybdenum, molybdenum, tungsten and molybdenum ore etc.)
  5. Tungsten (tin tungsten scheelite, wolframite, etc.)
  6. Tantalum ore (tantalite columbite, pyrochlore, etc.)
  7. Lead-zinc ore (galena, sphalerite, cerussite etc.)
  8. nickel laterite ore, copper-nickel sulfide, etc.
  9. Gold in ore or alluvial gold detection
  10. Other minerals detection

Usage of Handheld Mineral Analyzer

  1. Exact grade evaluation for high-grade and beneficiated ores then provides a valuable foundation for ore trade, processing, and recycling.
  2. The relict ore element analysis in slag and tails to rejudge the value.
  3. Conduct QC in ore mining, boring, grinding, concentration and smelting, then confirm grade, make analysis to filter weld pool, storage pool, and steel tank liquor.
  4. Quick census for superlarge range mine area to determine zone mode, draw mine map, and timely prospect effectively.
  5. The site quickly traces mineralized abnormality, seeks hotspot zone, and delineates ore borders effectively.
  6. Accurate analysis of mill head, concentrated ore, and slag to build high-efficiency mining and gathering process.
  7. Through site analysis, minefield, and grade control on material delivery, ore concentrate, and slags, you can confirm or track the procedure validity of refining or concentration.
  8. By time analysis of several samples on the spot, you can guide the exploration plan and then manage excavation and explosion effectively.
  9. Determine the geological composition of the soil, sediment, or drilling samples locally to control prospecting costs.
  10. Apply with GIS/GPS to make detailed decisions then can save much time and labor costs.
  11. Multi-elements site fast analysis can be used in procedures in the census and sift, then track mineral content abnormity and expand survey range. It can decrease the amount of the sample sent to a lab and then save transportation and analysis costs.
  12. Judge ore vein trend and mineral boundary then manage and control mining to detect mineral grade at any time.
  13. Analyze rock core and other drilling samples quickly, then establish mine 3D graph to analyze the composition, which can enhance site decision efficiency largely.
  14. Analyze and test mine surrounding environment, slags, dust, and soil pollution, then evaluate mine mountain condition renovation effect.

TrueX 900 Handheld XRF mineral analyzer  Instrument specification  

Weight: 1.6Kg(with battery)
Dimensions: 254 x 79 x 280mm
Detector: BOOST Si-pin detector
The ARM architecture Cortex-A8 1 GHz
System Processor: The Android 4.2 operating system/80MHZ ADC digital pulse processor/4096 MCA channel, 32GB memory
Display: Industrial resistive touch screen with a screen size of 4.3″
Data storage: Built-in 32 gb memory, 300,000 spectral data, and spectrum can be stored
Operating Temperature: -20℃~+50℃
Operating Humidity: ≤90%
Limit of Detection: PPM
15 seconds reading time
GPS, WIFI: integrated into the system
Battery: lithium battery, which can be loaded with a maximum capacity of our 6800Ah can operate continuously for 8 hours; Equipped with a high voltage (110V-220V) adapter, can work under current alternative
Sensor resolution: solid, liquid, powder
Sensor resolution: low resolution can be 139eV
Excitation source: 40KV / 100mA-Ag window miniature tube anode X of light and high voltage source
Collimator and filter: sights of 4.0 or 2.0 of diameter, automatic switch of 8 filters. 12 kinds of groups, plus mode consisting of world, can satisfy different types of tests of samples
Display: touchscreen TFT – LCD, resolution of 640 * 480.
Protection against water, dust, and shock
Test window: 12mm.
Charging system gas: Helium charging system of ordinary pressure.
Security: standalone password manager mode.
data transmission: digital multi-channel technology, the transmission of data SPI, a quick scan, count rate, waterproof miniature USB, which can be connected to the desktop computer.

Technical Parameters and Specifications of TrueX 900 Handheld XRF mineral analyzer

Weight1.6Kg(with battery).
Dimensions254x 79×280 mm(LxWxH).
Excitation source50KV/200μA maximum pipe pressure pipe flow can be adjusted freely,Agtarget (standard),Au,W,Rh target(optional).
DetectorBOOST Si-PIN detector
Range of detectionElements between Mg and U.
Display systemIndustrial resistive touch screen with screen size of 4.3″.

Proprietary operating system software and sound waves.

Multiple languages including English and Chinese.

And it automatically adjusts display brightness according to the environment brightness.

Data processing32GB memory

USB, bluetooth, WIFI, or liked to the Internet; instrument can be

configured and repaired remotely.

Data can be exported via EXCEL or PDF.  Users can customize the

reports by adding their company logos, addresses, test results,

spectrum and others (such as product description, origin and batch


Heat dissipationEquipped with a dedicated T-shaped radiator to dissipate the heat;no need to wait for cooling of detector time again.
SafetyBuilt-in double beam technology can automatically sense whether

there is a sample at the measurement window. This is also a safety and protection feature.

Waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof suitcase

Drawell Safety Band;

Power supply systemIntelligent battery management through MSBUS bus, real-time

monitoring of the residual capacity of battery and backup battery. The battery complies with air transport regulations of dangerous goods.

A single battery can last 8 hours.



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