Viken Pb200i Handheld XRF Paint Analyzer


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Viken Pb200i Handheld XRF Paint Analyzer is a quantum leap forward in XRF sensing technology. Its advanced engineering, ease of use and ergonomic design are far beyond the current generation of XRF Lead Paint sensing devices. Read the specifications here, or see it compared to other devices on the market.

Smallest, lightest–weight XRF instrument
Highest performance lead paint analyzer
Rugged, ergonomic, easy to operate
Android™ smartphone features
Color touchscreen display
Optional Pb in Soil/Dust
Wi–Fi, Bluetooth™
Built–in camera

Viken Pb200i Handheld XRF Paint Analyzer Features :

EPA/HUD Compliant XRF for lead paint featuring a Performance Characteristic Sheet with no inconclusive range
Lightest and most compact XRF Most durable XRF; the Pb200i is the only XRF to Pass Mil Spec 810G
Drop Test
Embedded Android™ interfaces like a smartphone
Touchscreen Visible in direct sunlight, color display
Identify lead paint in 1 second
AA Batteries: NiMH Rechargeable or Li-Ion Disposable
Court defensible data
Lead in Soil and Lead in Dust wipe calibrations available
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth™ connectivity
Built-in camera
GPS for linking coordinates to samples on the exterior of a property
57Co source ships under General License or Specific License

Shielded Carry Holster, with Lockable Waterproof Case
Safety Lanyard
110/220 VAC Battery Charger
Check-Verification Sample
PC Interface Cable
12 Rechargeable NiMH Batteries and Two Battery Holders
Quick Start Guide, User Guide, Electronic Training Materials

Viken Pb200i Handheld XRF Paint Analyzer OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES
Extension Pole
Lead-in-Soil Testing
Dust-Wipe Testing
Pelican Case
Spare 110/220 VAC Lithium-Ion Battery Charger

Viken Pb200i Handheld XRF Paint Analyzer SPECIFICATIONS
1.3 lbs. (590g), including batteries
Height 7.8″ (19.8 cm) Length 6.7” (17.0 cm) Width 2.6” (6.7 cm)
Excitation Source
57Co sealed source, 5mCi (185 MBq)
X-Ray Detector
Thermoelectrically-cooled, sealed, CdTe diode detector
Typical Performance
Positive or Negative determination at 1.0mg lead/cm2 with 2–sigma confidence with a measurement time of 1-3 nominal seconds on most lead paint samples. Detects lead at 0.1mg/cm^2 with 2-sigma confidence with a measurement time of 1 second on most samples
Six rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries. Energizer Ultimate Lithium™ disposable AA batteries may be used. Standard hot-swap feature keeps Pb200i running in standby mode up to 3 minutes so you can change battery packs on the fly and keep testing
QVGA color display
2.4” (61mm) 240 x 320 touchscreen
Data Storage
Up to 1 Million readings with spectra, without pictures
Up to 65,000 readings, with spectra and picture for each reading
Data Management
Standard Viken Detection Data Management Software (HDMS)
Full and custom export of readings as CSV file
Standard Accessories
Shielded carry holster, with lockable, waterproof case
Safety lanyard
110/220 VAC battery charger
Check/verification sample
PC interface cable
18 rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries and two battery holders
Quick Start Guide; User Guide
Electronic training materials
Optional Accessories
Ceiling Extension Pole. Lead-in-Soil Testing. Dust-Wipe Testing
Licensing Certification
MA Specific License 55-0702, MA General License 53-0720
Performance Characteristic Sheet (PCS), CE, NEMA 6. IP65 rated
Mil-STD 810G
Electronic training materials
On-site trainings are available


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